Day One-Hundred-and-Fifteen

Alright, it’s Wednesday. I’m trying to stay positive and realistic and focus on making healthy choices every day.

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast (320) I made a breakfast smoothie with a cup of almond milk, a cup of frozen berries, and a banana. And I snagged an iced tall nonfat latte on the way in to work.

Lunch (297) For lunch I had a larabar and an apple.

Snacks (78) By the time I arrived home I was in desperate need of a grapefruit! 

Chicken, mash, and corn!
Chicken, mash, and corn!

Dinner (1,066) For dinner I made the Best Baked “Fried” Chicken with homemade mashed potatoes and frozen corn. And then I had about half a cut up cantaloupe for dessert :).


Today I did Day 19 of Lauren Gleisberg’s 30×30 Fat Loss Shred plus week 3 day 2 of her summer abs series.

Summing up the day

2 Liters of water every day (1 pt.) 1
Stop Eating before 9pm (1 pt.) 1
No processed food (1 pt.) 1
No sweets/sugary treats (2 pts.) 2
At or below calorie limit (3 pts.) 3
Accurate food journal (1 pt.) 1
Stick to meal plan (1 pt.) 1
Strength Training (1 pt.) 1
Cardio Training (1 pt.) 0
No Alcohol (1 pt.) 1
Points Tally: 12

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