Days Eighty-One through Eighty-Seven

Well. My family was in town. My fiance’s family was in town. They met for the first time. My fiance graduated. And then we got married. So please excuse the week-long hiatus. I’m promise not to leave again… I’ve been out living my life but now I need to get back on track.

I will resume my healthy eating, calorie tracking, working out, and generally trying to live the healthiest life that I can.

My new goal: I am in 2 weddings this summer. The first is on August 8 and the second on August 22. I plan to weigh-in as usual next Tuesday morning and then calculate my weight goal based on the time between next Tuesday, June 9 and August 8. Hopefully I can make some real progress this summer and see good results before I’m wearing a bridesmaid’s dress!

I’m motivated and ready to go!!


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