Day Sixty-Eight

Alright it’s Friday and I’m heading to a wedding! No real exercise this weekend but I’m hoping to go on a hike tomorrow. I’m also hoping to remember that this weekend can be super fun without overeating at every meal.

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast (328) Breakfast smoothie: frozen banana, cup of almond milk, cup of frozen berries. And a grapefruit.

Lunch (725) I had a yummy omelette with leeks and tomatoes and about a glass and a half of rose on the road to the wedding (I wasn’t driving).

Snacks (130) Some wasabi peas during the 6 hour drive.  

Dinner (1,050) For dinner I had some grilled salmon and some salad plus a couple of sugar cookies and a whole lot of champagne…  


No exercise today. Weekend!!

Summing up the day

2 Liters of water every day (1 pt.) 0
Stop Eating before 9pm (1 pt.) 0
No processed food (1 pt.) 0
No sweets/sugary treats (2 pts.) 0
At or below calorie limit (3 pts.) 0
Accurate food journal (1 pt.) 1
Stick to meal plan (1 pt.) 0
Strength Training (1 pt.) 0
Cardio Training (1 pt.) 0
No Alcohol (1 pt.) 0
Points Tally: 1

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