Day Sixty-Seven

Thursday is a good day. It’s technically my Friday and I got up early this morning and put in a 4 mile run which really set the tone for the rest of the day. Hopefully all this good work I’m putting in will mean RESULTS for my weigh-in next Tuesday but I need to remember to stay focused this weekend at the wedding… We’ll see how it goes.

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast (250) Breakfast smoothie: frozen banana, cup of almond milk, cup of frozen berries.

Lunch (665) For lunch I had the rest of the chicken recipe: Garlicky Chicken with Lemon-Anchovy Sauce along with the rest of the steamed green beans and a small apple.

Snacks (284) I was making an apple pie in the evening and there was leftover apple filling so I ate a lot of apples with some spices and little bit of sugar on top.

Dinner (577)  For dinner I made this Chicken Pasta Bake with Spinach & Parmesan and I had a grapefruit.


Today I did Day 24 of Lauren Gleisberg’s 30×30 Fat Loss Shred which was 30 minutes of cardio–I tacked on an extra 10 and ran 4 miles.

Summing up the day

2 Liters of water every day (1 pt.) 1
Stop Eating before 9pm (1 pt.) 0
No processed food (1 pt.) 1
No sweets/sugary treats (2 pts.) 2
At or below calorie limit (3 pts.) 3
Accurate food journal (1 pt.) 1
Stick to meal plan (1 pt.) 1
Strength Training (1 pt.) 0
Cardio Training (1 pt.) 1
No Alcohol (1 pt.) 1
Points Tally: 11

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