Day Fifty-Four

Friday and I know I’m not going to eat like a champion today. But I’ve saved some calories for the end of the week and I plan on working out today so okay weekend here goes nothing.

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast (298) I had a larabar and a grapefruit this morning.

Lunch (701) For lunch I had the third serving of the Swiss Chard and Mushroom Galette.

Snacks (613) My partner and I met up with some friends at a bar and I had a beer and a glass of wine. Then we went to another bar and I had about a half a margarita. Later in the evening I had some chocolate (looking back I should have foregone the chocolate…).

Dinner (770) For dinner we went to a sushi restaurant and I had a miso soup, a seaweed salad, and a sashimi plate. I also had a half-glass of white wine (again, looking back I should’ve foregone the wine at dinner, clearly I didn’t need it). I adore sushi.


Today I did Day 16 of Lauren Gleisberg’s 30×30 Fat Loss Shred.

Summing up the day

2 Liters of water every day (1 pt.) 1
Stop Eating before 9pm (1 pt.) 0
No processed food (1 pt.) 0
No sweets/sugary treats (2 pts.) 0
At or below calorie limit (3 pts.) 0
Accurate food journal (1 pt.) 1
Stick to meal plan (1 pt.) 1
Strength Training (1 pt.) 1
Cardio Training (1 pt.) 0
No Alcohol (1 pt.) 0
Points Tally: 3

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