Day Twenty-Three

Oh man, you guys. We need to talk about yesterday. Yesterday just went downhill into a pit so so fast. I made some crucial mistakes which (hopefully in recognizing them) I will not make again and then I just let myself go… I didn’t go to the gym after work even though I had planned on it. Because of that I got home really early and I just started eating and I didn’t stop. So. Much. Chocolate. Then I felt bad about myself so I ate some more chocolate. This set a bad tone for my week.

So, (as Taylor Swift would say) let’s shake it off and talk strategies:
First, I need to make it a point to go to the gym on Monday. It’s an important day for me and, as I noted above, it sets the tone for my week in a lot of ways. I need to remind myself of this and GET THERE on Mondays.

Second, especially if I’m leaving work early and heading home I need to be very careful about having free time in my apartment when I haven’t mapped out what I’m going to eat–this just leads to free-for-all snacking which I always regret later and makes me feel bad. If I don’t feel like going to the gym or going home there are plenty of other things I can do besides lying on my couch and watching crap tv.

Third, I do have self-control and I can exercise it in the face of dessert but I  need to remember that self-control is also about what I purchase and make available to myself in my home–ahem the chocolate mountain that was in my fridge yesterday.

To conclude: gym on Mondays, less couch-lounging time, make judicious choices about what sweets I purchase.

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast (387) I had a breakfast smoothie this morning: cup of almond milk, cup of frozen berries, one banana. Plus I had a grapefruit and some cold brew iced coffee with a little half and half.

Lunch (703) For lunch I had the leftovers of my homemade pizza from Sunday night along with 2 clementines.

Snacks (78) So sue me… I had another grapefruit…

Shishito peppers :)
Shishito peppers 🙂

 Dinner (800For dinner I had another  serving of the chicken pasta bake with  spinach and parmesan along with some  shishito peppers sauteed in olive oil with  some flaky Maldon sea salt. Yum.


Today I did Day 27 of Lauren Gleisberg’s 30×30 Fat Loss Shred.

Summing up the day

2 Liters of water every day (1 pt.) 1
Stop Eating before 9pm (1 pt.) 0
No processed food (1 pt.) 1
No sweets/sugary treats (2 pts.) 2
At or below calorie limit (3 pts.) 3
Accurate food journal (1 pt.) 1
Stick to meal plan (1 pt.) 1
Strength Training (1 pt.) 0
Cardio Training (1 pt.) 1
No Alcohol (1 pt.) 1
Points Tally: 11

2 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Three

  1. Heyyy, I have an idea (which I am hoping to bring to life with myself as well when I return home from my trip): why not write a list of exercises that you must do if you get home early. Like… a list of 20s or something. 20 Push ups, 20 Burbees, 20 sit up crunches, 20 side to side crunches, 20 get ups, 20 squats, 20 lunges, 20 jumping jacks … etc. make 20 of them. You can do these anywhere, even if you have a tiny apartment.
    It will put your extra time in good use, earn you more calories and you will feel better after it. Just a suggestion 🙂


    1. That is a really smart idea! And definitely something I’m going to employ if I’m home early with lots of time on my hands. That way I’ll have some concrete action steps to take if I feel a chocolate binge coming on… Thanks!


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